Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tailgating Games Are Hot!

For those sports fans lucky enough to be able to attend a game this fall at their favorite team's stadium ~ we at KHC Sports are proud to carry "Tailgate Toss" stadium tailgate games for you! Tailgate Toss is the ONLY licensed manufacturer of team branded tailgating games with such hits as "Tailgate Toss" the bean bag tossing Corn Hole game!
Tailgate Toss Corn Hole games come in two different styles - original Tailgate Toss, with wooden playing boards, with your favorite team's name, colors, and logo ~ and Tailgate Toss 2.0, a lightweight, plastic set of boards that are made to be more portable. The 2.0 series packs up easily for travel and is perfect for tailgating or backyard fun!

Each game includes: Instructions, 8 bean bags (2 sets of 4), and 2 plastic boards that attach and lock together with storage compartments for each individual bag.

Tailgate Toss beanbag games are available in EVERY NFL Team, EVERY Major League Baseball Team, as well as about 100 NCAA Colleges and Universities!

Other popular Tailgate Games we are offering this fall are the ever popular "Washer Toss" Games.
Washer Toss is one of the hottest games on the market! These beautiful washer Toss sets include ~ Instructions, 8 Color Washers (2 Sets of 4), 8 Color Mini Bean Bags (2 Sets of 4) and Two Washer Toss Boards, and provides fun for the whole family!

With the Major League Baseball pennant races heating up, another awesome Tailgating game for MLB fans, is the "Baseball Toss" bolo style game. Baseball Toss is available in all 30 MLB Teams and is a unique version of the original, with the bolo's designed as replica baseballs, and the rungs are attached with foul poles!
Football Fans, don't feel left out, there are bolo toss games for you as well, and the originality did not wear off on the Baseball Toss games. We also offer "Football Toss" - the bolo toss game with goalposts used as rungs, and mini footballs as the bolo's! Football Toss is available in all 30 NFL Teams, and 76 NCAA Colleges and Universities!
When you talk about tailgating, and tailgate games, no conversation would be complete without the mother of all tailgate party accessories - THE "MUST HAVE" item for any stadium tailgate party ~ The Tailgate/Pong Table with net!
Tailgate Tables are available in All 32 NFL Teams, All 30 MLB Teams, and 75 NCAA Teams.
A versatile, fold up, portable table large enough (2'x8') to hold a major tailgating spread, and lightweight and convenient enough to fold up and store anywhere, but the kicker of this tailgate table is the net, and the official Beer Pong Table Dimensions! After cleaning all the burgers and brats off the table, install the net, and have a stirring game of ping pong - even better, hold a stadium parking lot Beer Pong Tournament!
Our Tailgate Pong Tables are the leading seller for sports fans tailgating at their favorite venues, now, YOUR tailgating experience can be complete with some awesome tailgating games from Tailgate Toss and KHC Sports!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

NFL Merchandise at

Now that NFL Season is in full swing, be sure to check out our sister site for all of your NFL Merchandise ~ ! We just received the 2011 NFL Team Calendars from Turner Licensing, and now is the time to get yours!

NFL Wall Calendars feature 12 full color action photos from your favorite football team, and each calendar page shows important team historical facts, and trivia questions. Football team calendars are 12"x12" and make the ideal gift for the football fan! With the busy Christmas shopping season right around the corner, it is never too early to buy the sports fan in your life a reason to root for his or her team all year long!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Released....2011 Sports Team Calendars!

We are closing in on Autumn of 2010, and with the leaves changing colors, a brand new football season upon us, and cooling temperatures, KHC Sports has just received the new line of Sports Team Calendars from Turner Licensing.

This year - EVERY professional team from the 4 major sports is represented, as well as the top 100 NCAA Colleges and Universities!

Check out the brand new 2011 NFL Wall Calendars, each month featuring a 12"x12" action photo of your favorite team, as well as trivia questions and important facts throughout the year.

For the home office, grab an NCAA Desk Calendar, and let your alma mater help keep you organized all year long with the Year-at-a-Glance view on every page! Our 22"x17" desk calendars are large enough to jot down important notes.

Last but not least, our most popular team calendars, are the 2011 Baseball Team Page-A-Day Box Calendars. These handy desk accessories feature your favorite team's logo in a great 5"x5" size, with tear away sheets that show important team historical facts, and trivia questions every day ~ 365 days a year!
All Licensed NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, and NHL calendars are officially licensed by their respective leagues, and as always, the lowest price you will find a Sports Team 2011 Calendar is from your friends at

Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Season Kickoff Weekend!

KHC, and The Highland Mint are pround to announce our Brand New NFL Collectible Items for the 2010 Football Season!

We have just released 3 Brand New pieces of NFL Merchandise including the official Game Coins that are flipped before every game this season. Each NFL Game Coin comes in a 3"x3" acrylic display and a Certificate of Authenticity is included with each coin.

More NFL Team Items include the Photo Mint team plaques, there are 2 styles of the plaques, first is the NFL Stadium Desktop, which is a photo of your favorite team's home field in a 10" x 12" wood frame.

Our top of the line NFL Team Plaque for 2010, is the NFL Signature Gridiron ~ The Signature Girdiron Plaque is a 12" x 20" photo of your favorite team's home field, and features the replica signature's of your team's top players!

Each photo is individually numbered. Protected under plexi glass, this item is a Limited Edition of only 2010 and officially licensed by the NFL and NFLPA.

Be the first to pick up the Hottest NFL Merchandise of 2010 ~ Only at KHC Sports!