Friday, January 16, 2009

NFL Mini Helmets

One of the coolest peices of NFL merchandise around in the NFL mini helmet.

They are available in all 32 NFL teams, and come in a variety of styles. The most popular and most common is the plain old fashioned NFL mini replica helmet. These helmets, made by Riddell, are approximately 1/2 the size of standard NFL football helmets, have authentic looking NFL team decals on the sides, replica foam padding inside, and a cool chinstrap that really snaps. NFL mini helmets are a staple in the sports collectibles industry and are prevalent at autograph shows (nothing shows off an autograph from your favorite football player like an NFL mini helmet!

The NFL mini helmets also come in a throwback style. Throwback mini helmets come in both a 2 bar ~

(remember Pat the Patriot?) and the newer VS-4 style "quarterback" style facemask ~ remember those dreamcsicle Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmets?

NFL collectible mini helmets are the greatest collectible's around today, they are affordable, don't take up very much room at all, and nothing show off an autograph like an NFL mini helmet. Once you start your collection, you WILL be hooked. A great source for NFL mini helmets is

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