Sunday, February 8, 2009

Official Super Bowl Coins

The Highland Mint has just released the official Super Bowl 43 coin set. Available are the official "flip coins" just like the coin flipped in Super Bowl 43. There are also a couple of lesser expensive replica flip coins, and gold Super Bowl 43 coin, and a bronze SBXLIII flip coin. Along with the coins that were flipped during the Super Bowl, there are the commemorative Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Champions coins and coin sets. Probably the most beautiful, elegant set of coins, is the 24 karat Gold, Six Time Super Bowl Champions 7 Coin Set. The first 6 coins in this set are from each of the 6 Super Bowls the Steelers have won. The 7th gold collectible coin is a rare "champions coin" that lists every Super Bowl they have won.
There are also single collectible coins listing the Steelers vistory in Super Bowl XLIII. There is a bronze Super Bowl coin set, and a gold replica Steelers Super Bowl champions coin.

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