Tuesday, May 12, 2009

San Francisco 49ers New Helmets!

Just announced for the 2009 NFL season ~ the San Francisco 49ers have changed their helmets. In an attempt to get rid of the losing attitude of the last few years, the 49ers have revisited their past with this new design. Gone are the maroon facemasks, they are returning to a more classic, rough and tough grey facemask that they have sported on their helmets from the franchise's start. The niners have also changed the stripe down the middle of the helmet to a white center stripe surrounded by a dark red, gone is the maroon center stripe with the black outside stripes. The 49ers have abandoned the helmets they have worn since 1995, but the logo is the same as the redesigned 1995 logo with the touch of gold inside the logo. Compare the brand new helmets to the 1995-2008 style and you can see the slight shanges:

You can see that they are trying to get back to thier glory days by wearing the helmets that they won all of their Super Bowl's in. The only slight exception is the actual logo, changed in 1996, the new 49ers logo added a gold border on the inside, seperating the maroon from the black.

Good luck to the San Francisco 49ers on their new helmets, we know the faithful San Francisco fans are hoping this is a return to glory.

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Niners fans ~ be the first to own the brand new helmet!

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