Monday, July 6, 2009

Philadelphia 76ers New Logo

The Philadelphia 76ers have changed their primary logo. In a "retro" style move, the 76ers have gone back to their classic look from the early days. Philly has brought back the red, white, and blue numerals with the 13 stars in a circle above the "76" in the basketball. This is slightly different from the classic look, as the new logo has the city name in a blue rectangle below the 76ers basketball.
With the new logo, comes new 76ers merchandise. The first available products are some redesigned Philadelphia 76ers tapestries and the 1st place to carry them is KHC Sports. There are 3 new blankets ~ 76ers baby blanket, 76ers tapestry, and the new extremely detailed "real photo 76ers tapestry.
Sixers fans - get yours today at KHC Sports - the low price leader in NBA Merchandise!

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