Saturday, November 15, 2008

NFL Team Blankets Breakdown

Last week I broke down the plush NFL team blankets made by Northwest, you can re-visit the description by clicking here. Basically, there are 3 different styles of plush blankets ~ Micro Raschel "Imprint" blankets, Plush Raschel "Tonal" blankets, and Large Plush Raschel "Diamond Plate" blankets.

Today, I am going to discuss the different types and styles of "Tapestry" blankets. The main difference in the plush blankets and the tapestries, is that the tapestry throw's are woven and can be used for much more than just a blanket. The tapestry throws look great hanging over a couch or chair, used as a wall hanging, or a throw rug, or any other type of room accent. Tapestries are amazingly colorful, and extremely detailed. There are 2 types of tapestries ~ Woven Tapestries, and Triple Woven Jacquard Throws.
The Woven tapestries usually commemorate special events, when there is a new World Series Champion, or college football champion, you will find a special edition tapestry over at KHC Sports. When there is a new Super Bowl Champ, of course you can get a special collectible tapestry at ProFootballStuff. The woven tapestries are amazingly detailed and colorful, they are 48 by 60 inches, and are fringed on all 4 sides.
Woven tapestries are available in every NFL team in what is called the "Home Field Advantage" series. They are a beautifully crafted piece of artwork. Every tapestry is different, there is the team helmet and name with the officially licensed logo and colors and a picture of the teams helmet, in the background, there is artwork relative to the city ~ like dolphins jumping out of the ocean and pictures of palm trees for the Miami Dolphins.

There are also "Player Tapestries" Basically a woven tapestry with an image of your favorite football player.

The final series of tapestries, is the "Specialty Series" basically these are collectible items commemorating historical events in the NFL. There are tapestries for every Super Bowl winning team, along with the official logo of the Super Bowl that they won. There are also special limited edition tapestries produced in a very small quantity. The examples of these are the now famous "Helmet Catch" by David Tyree in Super Bowl 42. The artisans at Northwest's factory actually produced a blanket with a picture of David Tyree with the football pinned to his helmet as he is getting mugged by Rodney Harrison. You can see the helmet catch tapestry here. There is also a Dallas Cowboys last season in Texas Stadium tapestry with an image of the famous stadium with the hole in the roof printed right on the blanket.

The other version of woven tapestries is the "Triple Woven Jacquard Throw". These are more of a blanket, they feature loom woven high bulk acrylic for the look and feel of cotton. They are extremely soft and comfortable and come in 2 sizes ~ 48 x 60 inches and a 36 by 48 inch baby blanket series.

This is the 48"x60" triple woven jacquard, it is very soft, extremely detailed, and features the team name and image of their helmet woven into the blanket.

The NFL baby blankets are one of our most popular items at ProFootballStuff, they are a great size, they are extremely soft, and best of all, they will get your little one on the right track to rooting for YOUR favorite football team.
As always, every blanket is available in EVERY NFL team, and the lowest price you can get NFL team blankets and tapestries is at ~

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