Thursday, November 6, 2008

Northwest Team Blankets Have Been Redesigned

ProFootballStuff is proud to carry the full line of Northwest team blankets. Northwest is the only company that holds the NFL license to produce these team blankets. Every year, Northwest redesigns the blankets to keep their look fresh and new, late last month, the blankets were released, and has every line in stock ready to ship!!

There are 3 different styles of the Plush NFL Team Blankets, there are the basic "Micro Raschel throw blankets ~ these blankets are a nice, soft, lightweight throw blanket that is 50" x 60" in size, all 32 teams are available and they cost $24.29.

The next step up is the "Tonal" series. The Tonal blankets are a heavier duty, fleece like blanket that comes in a 50" by 60" size also. The Tonal blankets are known for thier warmth, brilliant colors, and exceptional durability. Plush Raschel Tonal blankets cost $31.49

The biggest and best plush NFL blanket is the "Diamond Plate" series, named for the cool diamond plate pattern in the background with your favorite teams logo printed in brilliant authentic team pantone colors. These blankets are a huge "60 x 80" size and will keep even the largest sports fan warm and cozy on the couch this NFL season. The cost of the Diamond Plate blankets is $43.49. has the BEST PRICES ANYWHERE on the genuine NFL licensed team blankets.

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